FAQ/Tips for Searching Sites
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Basic Information

1. What kind of data can I search using this application?
This site contains environmental regulatory data that DEM has compiled and collected for many years. Please see the 'About this Data' page for more information about the types of data and the programs available.

2. How do I find environmental sites around my house?
Do a Map Search! Click the 'Map Search' link in the menu above to go directly to our map search page. Once there, type in your address in the search box. The sites within a certain radius of the address will appear on the map.

3. How do I search for a particular site?

On the main search page you'll see several search boxes for you to enter the parameters of your search. Once you enter your parameters, click the green search button.

To search by site/company/facility name, enter a few characters of the name in the 'Name' search field. The search engine will return all sites with the string in the name.

To search by address, enter the whole or partial STREET NAME in the 'Street Name' search field. The search engine will return all sites whose address meets your criteria.

To further narrow your search, you can select a particular city as well.

The results of your search will appear below the search area. To view a particular site, click on that site.

To map all the results of your search, click the 'Map It' button